List Bait

Before you start building a list, you should figure out why people should want to subscribe to get your emails from your email ads.

“Because I want to sell them products” is not the right answer. That’s probably your main reason, but you need to ask what’s in it for the subscriber.

In the old days, it was possible to put up an opt-in page, promise to send updates about topic X, and people would sign up.

Now you almost always need to give them some kind of gift as an incentive to sign up.

Email List Bait

The gift could be a free report, video, audio, software, or membership, and of course, it needs to be closely related to what your list is about. It also needs to be something you have the right to give away.

If you got resale rights to something, check the license that came with it to see if it can be given away. For best results, create your gift yourself. That way you will be sure it is unique and not something that other people are giving away.

Your opt-in page essentially becomes a short sales letter for your gift- yes, you do have to sell people on your freebie. Just the fact that it’s free doesn’t mean they will subscribe.

Don’t kept this scare you off. Usually, all you need is a good headline, a sentence or two describing your gift, and if possible, a few bullet points. It should all fit above the fold, which means people should be able to see everything without having to scroll down.

Be sure to clearly state that people will be receiving additional emails from you. Call it a newsletter or series of tips or whatever, but don’t just promise a gift without saying you will be sending more emails, or some people will get upset.

You would think it would be clear that the reason you’re asking for an email address is so you can send them email, but apparently for some people, it’s not.

A good way to state this is something like “Sign up for my free report 8 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game and get a free subscription to my golf newsletter, which you can cancel at any time.”

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