Get Paid While You Build Your List.

Many list owners have discovered that it’s possible to make money from the process of list building, done whether through solo ads or other methods (not counting money earned from mailing the list in the future). Here is a quick overview of how that is done.

The easiest way to do this is to take your subscribers to an offer page right after they subscribe.

The offer page is a sales letter for something closely related to the topic of your list, and should be priced so it looks like a bargain.

Earn with Email list building for solo ads

Any good autoresponder will let you specify what web page to send people to when they hit Submit on your opt-in form. So instead of sending people to a page that says “Thank you for subscribing” send them to the offer page.

You can put a message like “Thank you for subscribing” at the top of that page.

For best results, your offer should be a bargain, both in terms of what people get and the low price. $7 is a good price point.

The idea here is not to make a fortune, but to get a decent number of people to buy your offer, which puts some real buyers on your list and defrays the cost of your list building efforts.

Once you have a working offer (meaning people are buying it), you can calculate how much you can afford to spend to get a subscriber while still at least breaking even.

For example, let’s say your offer is priced at $7, and 10% of your new subscribers buy it.

That means for every 100 people who join your list, 10 of them buy the offer, making you 70 cents on average per new subscriber.

(To keep the math simple, I’m ignoring any payment processing fee you pay per sale and assuming that what you’re selling doesn’t cost you anything per copy, such as an ebook.)

Now let’s say half the people who visit your opt-in page join your list. That means for every 100 visitors, you get 50 new subscribers and 5 sales of your offer, for a total of $35 or 35 cents per visitor (not a subscriber).

Get paid with solo ads

That means you could afford to pay up to 35 cents per visitor if you are buying traffic. So if you were using a source like Google Adwords, 35 cents would be a good price to bid per click.

This also means you should buy as much traffic as you can, as long as the numbers hold up. Why buy 100 visitors if you can buy 10,000 or 100,000 if you’re able to break even financially while doing it? The more traffic you buy, the more subscribers you will get, and you will get them faster.

Of course, these numbers are to illustrate my points. I’m not promising you will make 70 cents per subscriber or 35 cents per visitor, or that 10% of people will buy your offer. You need to keep track of what the real numbers are to figure out what your break-even point is.

You will probably find that the numbers vary depending on the traffic source and in the case of something like Adwords, the ad itself, and other factors.

But once you have a campaign working, you’ll find it’s quite exciting to be able to get paid to build your list, rather than spending a lot of money to do so.

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