How To Buy A Solo Ad


How to buy a solo ad

If you are new to solos, start out with a small order and test 5-6 sellers. Solos are usually sold in lots of 50 or 100 clicks. In my opinion, you need to buy a minimum of 100 clicks to get a realistic idea of the seller’s list quality. Ask the seller questions like:

• How have you built your list?
• How big is your list?
• How many clicks do you average per day?
• What type of offers does your list respond well to?

Important Note: No one else will tell you this, but I have actually gotten the highest opt-in rates from some small to medium size lists that been built primarily of people who sign up to download a report or free gift on the seller’s website. These lists are less likely to contain names and emails that have been passed from swapper to swapper multiple times and so are more responsive.

These lists are less likely to contain names and emails that have been passed from swapper to swapper multiple times and so are more responsive.

It’s essential that you document your results when you buy a solo. The benefit of this will be demonstrated on coming pages.

In short, you want to note seller’s name, the number of clicks purchased, opt-in rate, number or value of sales and percentage of Unsubscribes over the next 30 days. A simple Excel Spreadsheet will do the job. After you’ve tried 10-15 sellers, you’ll see who gave the best value.

Then, ramp up to larger purchases with those sellers.

As I mentioned previously, the key to success with ad swaps, or in this case solos, is your sales funnel. It is essential to test your sales funnel before you start buying solo ads. Your ad needs to generate a return, either

Your ad needs to generate a return, either opt ins for your list, or sales. While the topic of a sales funnel is not really the purpose of this report, here is the point.

YOU MUST make sure that you’ve thoroughly tested and tweaked your offer/sales pages BEFORE you start buying solos.


Because today a lot of people over-mail their lists with ad swaps. They’re constantly doing swaps so they’re getting fewer responses from the subscribers. That said, it’s still very much worth the effort.

Consequently, response rates are down, click thru rates have dropped, and unless you have a very compelling offer, you will experience low opt-in rates.

For example, I’m contacted regularly by marketers who are only seeing 20-25% optins and zero sales. Think about that for a moment. If you pay $100 to buy 200 clicks, and get 40-50 optins, you’ve paid $2.00-$2.50 per subscriber.

If however, you have a good squeeze page and effective sales funnel, it’s not unusual to get 40%-50% opt ins and sales, to boot.

Clearly the cost of acquiring new subscribers to your list has a dramatic impact on both how much you will spend, and how quickly you will build your list.

The other point worth noting here is that while it’s great to sell products for the revenue itself, you have acquired 2 buyers who will potentially buy more products from you in the future.

Just assuming that these 2 buyers have an Average Lifetime Value of only $50, then just these 2 people alone will completely pay for the cost of EVERY other potential buyer you added to this list- your list will then be FREE!

Test and tweak, test and tweak, keep testing and tweaking until you have a system that works well and you’ll be off to a good start on your list building journey!

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