What are Solo Ads?

So what are Solo Ads?

When you buy a Solo, the solo seller agrees to mail your offer to their list for a fee and guarantees a specified number of clicks on your email link, or swipe. The seller does NOT guarantee the number of opt-ins.

There are several types of solos, including e-zine solos and blog subscriber solos, but the type we will focus on here are solos with other marketers.

How solo ad works

Here’s how solos work.

Solo sellers typically charge $.30-$.50 per click, although, for specialized lists, the cost may run significantly higher. For example, if you want only Top Tier clicks, you may pay a premium of $.15-$.35 per click. Top Tier means only clicks from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. US ONLY clicks can often run $.85-$1.10.

It’s appropriate to add a word of caution here about the quality of the list your ad gets mailed to. Unscrupulous solo sellers sometimes use lists that have been built totally, or in part, from email addresses they bought from a list broker (aka co-regs), email addresses of freebie seekers who never buy or email addresses from underdeveloped countries, where people have no money.

Unless you have tracking software, it’s very difficult to verify where your traffic came from. However, if you have a tested swipe and it suddenly underperforms, or you subsequently get a very high rate of “opt outs/unsubscribes, there is a good chance your seller’s list is garbage.

The simplest way to avoid getting ripped off is to stick to reputable sellers. The best will have a website where you can see testimonials.

There are Skype groups and Facebook pages where people buy and sell solos. The bad apples don’t last long in these groups, so generally speaking, you can find honest sellers, along with some pretty good deals.

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